Kapnikos Stathmos Katerinis

Who We Are

Kapnikos Stathmos Katerini is an independent organization founded by proactive citizens. Our primary aim is to address pressing societal issues by informing, sensitizing, and mobilizing civil society. We are dedicated to promoting environmental protection,

civil cohesion, and unconditional human rights. Rooted in our core values of social responsibility, cooperation, inclusion, respect for individual rights, and embracing diversity, we choose to make a difference through civil engagement, solidarity, and volunteering.

What We Do

For the past 16 years, our group has been orchestrating impactful solidarity projects and volunteering initiatives. These endeavors span ecological, economic, political, and social realms, all geared towards raising awareness and offering support to those in need. Regardless of cultural, ethnic, or religious backgrounds, our projects and activities aim to promote positive change. From our ongoing "Giving a day of my summer to the forest" initiative, which began in 2007, to our diverse array of projects like the "Social Pharmacy," "Social Goods Distribution," "Solidarity Christmas Village," "Summer & Spring School," "Without Intermediaries," and the "Ecological Garden," we actively pursue tangible change in our everyday lives targeted towards civil responsibility

Furthermore, as center for civil life we use the well-maintained facilities for organizing cultural and social events that enrich our community and the city’s event calendar. From grand-scaled concerts to summer cinema screenings and vibrant outdoor parties, our commitment to unity extends beyond our projects into unique cultural celebrations.

Where We Are

Our profound appreciation for the environment is deeply intertwined with the breathtaking surroundings that envelop us. Positioned between the majestic Mount Olympus with its verdant forests, the Pieria Mountains adorned with renowned ski slopes, and the endless coastline of the Thermaic Gulf offering beaches for all preferences, Katerini is a treasure trove of natural beauty. The region's rich history is evidenced by its abundant destinations waiting to be explored, including Dion, Vergina, Meteora, the Castle of Platamonas, and more.


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Bankdaten & IDs

Steuer-Nr: 9969 67 314 DOY Katerinis

IBAN: GR71 0172 2550 0052 5510 1380 536

European Solidarity Corps PIC number: 898062279