Social Pharmacy - powered by the European Solidarity Corps

Circular Economy

The Social Pharmacy is a volunteering activity supplying registered beneficiaries, social institutions and government agencies with medicines and medical supplies since 2013.

Under the supervision of a volunteering pharmacist checking their valid medical prescription, registered beneficiaries can pick up their necessary medication two days a week directly on site for free.

The stock consists of donations of unused drugs and material from beneficiaries, the local community, local pharmacies and abroad. After receiving the donations need to be checked, sorted, selected, entered into the digital database system and placed into the shelf accordingly by volunteers. Some 12,000 drugs are currently in stock and publicly browsable via our website.

This way, in a stable principle of Circular Economy medical waste is successfully avoided and through volunteer work repurposed to support people in need.


  • Beneficiaries’ Register Management
  • Campaigning
  • Deep Check
  • Drug Storage
  • Entry
  • Excess Management
  • Inspection
  • Inventory Management
  • Pharmacist’s Assistance
  • Processing
  • Reception/Collection
  • Waste Management

Now, with the support of the European Solidarity Corps, young volunteers from all over Europe have the unique opportunity to be part of this important effort.


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