Social Goods Distribution - powered by the European Solidarity Corps

Our warehouse

The Social Goods Distribution is a volunteering project supported by the European Solidarity Corps supplying people in need with essential goods.

It parallelly operates in three different modes:

  • First, as logistics center for emergency humanitarian aid the Social Goods Distribution organizes and manages essential aid for people affected by an acute crisis (e.g., earthquake, forest fires, floods).
  • Second, as a social provider it supplies people, who verifiably cannot equip themselves, with a monthly package (30kg) containing all necessary goods for their elementary needs (e.g., food, hygiene products).
  • Third, as a social supermarket it gives registered beneficiaries the option to buy goods from our stock using our own virtual currency they earn by helping with the daily chores of the organization (maintenance, gardening and small repairs).

The warehouse of the Social Goods Distribution is filled by donations from the local community, small business and donations from abroad, collected mostly through projects, events and public calls for donations in kind.

The permanent stock includes long-lasting foods (such as flour, sugar, legumes, barley, rice, tins, olive oil, children's milk powder, etc.) as well as daily hygiene products (tooth paste, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, wet wipes, sanitary towels, etc.).


  • Campaigning
  • Reception/Collection
  • Processing
  • Inspection
  • Deep Check
  • Distribution Management
  • Excess Management
  • Inventory Management
  • KASTA beneficiaries' register management
  • KASTA beneficiaries' tasks management
  • LCHA Special Events and Callings
  • KSK Facility (for example Greenery, Inventory ec)

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Bankdaten & IDs

Steuer-Nr: 9969 67 314 DOY Katerinis

IBAN: GR71 0172 2550 0052 5510 1380 536

European Solidarity Corps PIC number: 898062279